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“The Migrants Project has broadened my horizons and deepened my acquaintances. Frankly, we are all involved in migration, either directly or indirectly. So far, we might have influenced someone’s decision to migrate or told him not to or advised him to go to a specific host society because we have networks there. Hence, I believe that everyone is involved as much as responsible; for instance, a xenophobic sentiment toward a single migrant may influence the experience and dynamics of migration differently. For this, we should be conscious. I consider the importance of sensitising migrants since their decision to migrate irregularly is based on the digital diaspora community, which is the people who made it through the Mediterranean only. To conclude, the Migrants Project means too much to me”.

🌟She uses these words to tell us her plans about the future: “Belonging to Migrants Project has not only empowered my hard and soft skills but also impacted my personality positively. This opportunity was like a rainbow to me.
The 2021 summer was not that easy. I was indecisive about what path I had to take. As a jurist in Public Law, I used to study in French and Arabic.
In contrast, I kept looking for a master’s degree in English since I have always wanted to get out of my comfort zone and succeed in everything new I experience to reach the top of the ladder. Nonetheless, the summer ended with a decision to pursue an M.A in Public Law, yet not this satisfied. Suddenly, I discovered this humanitarian program and its multidisciplinary nature, which perfectly fits my personality as a versatile woman. I realized that my life was about to change, and many challenges and hard work were waiting. I have always imagined myself working in a humanitarian field, and things are about to happen.”

📍Between the remarkable experiences in her life, Amina shared these words with us:
“Indeed, I am grateful for taking part in the Migrants project family. Honestly, I did not set high expectations at first, yet this M.A made my academic year with its ups and downs. I value every remark received from my professors, and I warmly thank them for their considerable efforts and advice. This M.A deepened my relationship with my father, I want to thank him endlessly since he used to drive me early to the institute every day before going to work. My best parts were the presentation days, the NOM and ICMPD visits, the event organized by my partner Emna and her mother, to whom I express appreciation, where I presented our M.A in french, and the visiting professor’s lectures.”

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