✨“Migrants Project means a lot to me. It helped me hope after I had lost it.
It was actually very difficult to decide what to study after finally getting my degree
I was faced with two option: to drop out or to pursue a career I did not love or enjoy doing, so when I found the master’s announcement I felt like I regained hope to do something really interesting and new and I regained my excitement for the future and I’m really looking forward to achieving my goals which really would not have been possible without this project”.
✍️The MA in Migration Studies is a great opportunity for many tunisian students. This is what Eya shared about it:
“Before studying migration I had very limited knowledge of how important this phenomenon was i thought it was limited to the search of better opportunities for individuals and now I am aware that it is way beyond that one reason, I’m aware that there are different types of migration and some migrants do not even choose to migrate, I’m aware of how various its causes and consequences are for both the home countries and the countries of destination and I believe more light should be shed over this global issue and reflect more urgently on migration policies and the way they are governed in our country and in the world”.

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