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Job Shadowing in Spain: a great opportunity for the Project’ Partners

Yesterday we started our second week in Granada for the Job Shadowing Activities. Three intense days to undestand the work of the NGO Prodiversa in Malaga, the Red Cross in Motril and the Agrupación para el Desarrollo en Norte(ADN) en Granada. Job shadowing is an activity of on-the-job training, implemented with international agencies, organizations, institutions, NGOs, and other stakeholders whose know-how in migration issues is relevant for the participants.

Thanks to this activity, each professor will have the opportunity to work alongside an expert on the field and observe/participate in his/her job. Here is the programme:
– Monday 25th of July: Job shadowing with the NGO PRODIVERSA. During the day we will have the possibility to: discover the projects and activities that PRODIVERSA implements; interact with the beneficiaries of PRODIVERSA initiatives who will tell us about their experience with the organization and the socio-labour insertion process they benefitted from; visiting the and socio-labour insertion spaces / laboratories created and supported by the organization.
Tuesday 26th of July: A half a day trip to Motril is foreseen for all the participants in order to attend the job shadowing with Spanish Red Cross. During the morning job shadowing session we will have the possibility of discovering Red Cross and the humanitarian aid actions it implements to the benefit of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers.
– Wednesday 27th of July: a full day job shadowing with ADN in Granada. During the day we will have the chance to:  be introduced to the projects and initiatives implemented by ADN; visit socio-labour insertion spaces created by ADN in a specific area of Granada where migrants, ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups of people live (named Distrito Norte); discovering the socio-economic as well as political specificities and challenges of Distrito Norte by dialoguing with the local institutions ADN works with.
job shadowing

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