MA Students have been invited to the National Observatory of Migration and ICMPD

MA students have been participated to important events in Tunis about Migration issues.
Through a combination of their own outreach efforts and the connections of professors, namely Mr. Hassen Boubakri and Mr. Salim Ben Sassi, they have been invited to the National Observatory of Migration, where they introduced our master, then discussed possibilities of future cooperation. Later that day, they also attended an Open Day at ICMPD Tunisia, International Centre for Migration Policy Development, organized in their honor, wherein they introduced their programs and activities in addition to discussing some of the latest issues on migration.
About the event, the student Cyrine Azaiez shared these words: “Having the opportunity to visit the National Observatory of Migration and ICMPD in Tunisia has been a valuable experience for us. Both organizations have prepared an Open Day specifically for the students in Migration Studies so that we can get to know their activities and projects as well as discuss the possibility of future involvement and collaboration, both academic and professional. Exploring the various axes and facets of migration which they tackle has given us a clearer idea of our options and prospects after graduation. It is both comforting and encouraging to know that both national and international organizations are cooperating on projects and research related to our field. Next stop, IOM and UNHCR”.

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