Professor Mechri and Professor Ortega together at University of El Manar for the class in Migration Theories and Concepts

Students from the first year of the Master’s degree in migration studies, had the opportunity to experience the co-teaching activity during the Migration Theories and Concepts with professors Samira Mechri and Nieves Ortega from University of Granada where she teaches at the Sociology Department.

An enriching experience to study migration issues with a different perspective.
First, I would like to thank all the staff of the master program and UNIPA. In fact, thanks to them, we received a special guest professor from Spain, precisely Professor Nieves who gave us a magnificent course on incorporation and policy. This course was very informative and allowed us to know the issues of multiculturalism, incorporation in terms of integration, policies on ethnic diversity, policies and regulations, cultural recognition, citizenship, membership etc. 

For me, I learned a lot from her course, which was a new subject for me. Regarding her pedagogical strategy, I salute her way of managing the class. That is, she knows how to transfer knowledge through interactions with students. For example, when there is an issue to be addressed that follows in the slide, she will not show it first, but rather ask the students questions in order to get their position on it. Once they have given their point of view, she makes a correction in case it is not the right answer. In addition, when a right answer is given, she always goes deeper with more details.

There are many things to say about her course and her teaching strategy, but here is the most important ones that I wanted to mention.Again, I enjoyed her course and I thank all the coordinators of this wonderful program that we are having”, said Aka Beugre Jean, a student from the first year of the Master.

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