Migrants Project created a solid cooperation within the partners also on a scientific field with an academic perspective that led to two common publications.
edited by Serena Marcenò and Giulia Sajeva
The goal of this volume is to show the limits and inadequacies of interventions in the context of current migrations, and identify inclusive strategies that respect human rights and international law to tackle the migration phenomenon as “a cooperative structure” that looks at the human movement in all its dimensions. The essays collected here, whose authors are among the youngest researchers involved in the Project, propose new ideas, themes and approaches that speak to the varied fields of migration studies, ranging from socio-economic to political, legal, and philosophical approaches. Providing a multidisciplinary perspective can open up outlooks on migration phenomena outside the logic of emergency and improve cooperation on international migration. The book proposes novel perspectives, insights and case studies on the perception, government, representation, and new realities of migrations.
edited by Valeria Cammarata, Federica Mazzara and Samira Mechri

The experiences done during the project have raised many reflections, discussions and research practices that now converge in this volume. The themes that are central to migration studies and cultural studies are presented starting again from a bottom-up approach. In fact, through observations made both in fieldwork, literary criticism, visual culture and cinema studies, the contributions collected here analyse issues such as representation and self-representation, the agency of the storytelling, the victimization and criminalization of migrants, border crossing and the porosity of borders, the cultural practices of meeting and sharing traditions, nationalities, identities. The main intention is to lead the discussion to a shared debate that brings together in this volume the studies of expert researchers with the work of young and promising scholars in the field.

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