Students from the first year experienced the co-teaching activity

Students from the first year of the Master’s degree in Migration Studies, an important result of Migrants Project, had the opportunity to experience the co-teaching activity during the Data and Statistics class with professor Annalisa Busetta from UNIPA and professor Samia Binous from El Manar.

We asked one of the students, Nissab Khalfallah, what he thinks about the activity. “In my opinion, having visiting professors from various departments and universities was extremely beneficial because it allowed us to look at the migration issue from various angles. The lectures were very helpful and the topics covered were interesting. The atmosphere was relaxing and fun, and the teachers were kind, generous, and understanding. I loved every single lecture; they were all excellent”.

Regarding this particular class, he said: “The two days spent with Prof. Annalisa Busetta were interesting and very cleverly crafted. The teacher was squarely in the care of the students, went from group to group to explain again in case of misunderstanding. She really helped us to acquire new knowledge”.

Another student, Grace Diomande, told us that she found the course of Brusetta very interesting. “I learned approaches for direct estimations which are related to migration data. I appreciated that we learned to calculate estimation through practical activities using Excel. I am sure this course will be very beneficial in my future research on migration that I will conduct for my thesis”, she stated.

“Even though the date and time of the session was critical for us as Tunisian students, Professor Annalisa managed to keep the session light-hearted, and very fun. I particularly liked her interactive method, as well as her attempt to involve us in the research that she is working on”, said Yacine Amina, a student from the first year.

Another student, Aka Jean, enjoyed the lesson. He liked the practical activities and the interactions. “I would appreciate it more if we could go to Sicily and integrate with the other students of data and statistics in the University of Palermo, maybe next year”, he told us. 

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