Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an activity of on-the-job training, implemented with international agencies, organizations, institutions, NGOs, and other stakeholders whose know-how in migration issues is relevant for the participants.

Thanks to this activity, each professor will have the opportunity to work alongside an expert on the field and observe/participate in his/her job.

This training experience will allow the academic staff to acquire insight on the role, activity and methodology of the organization “shadowed”.

Moreover, it can prove valuable for expanding the network and sharing as well as improving knowledge and skills.

Within the framework of MIGRANTS Project, the job shadowing experience will provide professors with the opportunity to observe how organizations working in the field of migration, with different approaches/competences and from different points of view, operate.

Thus, professors will be able to strengthen competencies and capabilities in the field of migration and its related issues.

Job shadowing activities will be dedicated to guaranteeing skills on the applicability of knowledge on the migration phenomenon through direct observation of the field-work of the main stakeholders in Europe and Tunisia.

Job shadowing will be run through the observation of good practices, in different contexts, and it will contribute also to improve teaching staff capabilities from a practical point of view.

Job Shadowing activity will be held one week after each Summer School in Europe during the first, second, and third years, and one week for each member of the teaching staff during the first and second year of the project in Tunisia.

See the Vademecum of the Job Shadowing Activity.

The First Job-Shadowing week will be held in Tunisia from 13 to 16 October 2020. The program will soon be available here.

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