The Migrants Project is an opportunity to grab as student. This MA is very special for different reasons. First of all, the project studies’ curricula give multidimensional understanding concerning the migration phenomenon. In fact, it takes into account different fields of study. Furthermore, migration is often considered as better human capital at individuals or household level. However, studying it gives an unquestionable broadmindedness upon the migratory trends and its drivers. This opens professional opportunities, either institutional or organizational. Moreover, it crucial to gain interest in this subject matter as African in order to partake when it comes to decision making related to migration.

The migrants project has sharpened my understanding and enlightened my mind concerning patterns related to human migration. The world is experiencing a deep globalization which involves regions, continents, countries, households and individuals into this phenomenon. So we are influenced either directly or indirectly. However, this requires subject matter experts who will be involved in decision-making issues in order to deal with human mobility.

I first got into this topic when started my master project in African Anglophone countries’ literature and civilization. After reading a book written by an African novel writer entitled Behold the Dreamer I stated having a deep empathy vise a vise the Malian migrants in my country. Then I presented my project to my instructor who agreed with it. However, when I started my research I did not have much more information. I was actually excited when I saw the information on the migration project’s platform, and I exclaimed for the fact that it is a multidimensional MA. This MA is an opportunity for the fulfilment of my international consultant dream. I would also like to take part of the decision making institutions, organizations and communities related to migration in my country and Africa.

I have gained many experiences and skills in this migration MA. In fact, this was my first academic years facing such great challenges that I had to overcome. The classes were much more pragmatic. I really appreciate the practicability of the courses. I did not focus only on the theoretical studies, but had the opportunity to practice what I was studying. In particular, the presentations, data and statistics and cartography and map conception etc.

I am personally grateful to all the initiators and my professors for their expertise. Despite the fact that we come from several fields of study they were able to introduce us into this interdisciplinary field which takes into account postcolonial, law, anthropology, economics, sociology, prehistory, history, geography, education, literature and cultures studies. I this project opened my mind upon all the regions of the world.

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