In the context of the Capacity Building Project MIGRANTS The Higher Institute of Human Sciences (University of Tunis El Manar), The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (University of Tunis), The Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities (University of La Manouba) launch an interdisciplinary Joint Master Degree in “Migration Studies: Governance, Policies and Cultures”.



The Master Degree in “Migration Studies: Governance, Policies, and Cultures” will be an interdisciplinary two years programme that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges represented by international migrations.



MIGRANTS aims at a capacity building action that strengthens the Tunisian governance of migratory flows thanks to the training of highly skilled personnel able to govern, in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, the migratory phenomena in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.



MIGRANTS promotes an approach, which does not separate teaching from research.
Research makes teaching up-to-date, capable of addressing current issues, and giving students knowledge and skills that enable them to access the world of work.


Transnational actors and Migration: a co-teaching class with professor Riccardo Ercole Omodei

Students from the second year had an interesting class with Professor Riccardo Ercole Omodei from University of Palermo about... read more

Professor Mechri and Professor Ortega together at University of El Manar for the class in Migration Theories and Concepts

Students from the first year of the Master’s degree in migration studies, had the opportunity to experience the co-teaching... read more

Coaching and mentoring during Social Psychological Approaches to Migrants and Societies class

The Joint Master Degree in “Migration Studies: Governance, Policies and Cultures” between the three Tunisian Partner Universities: Tunis El... read more

Co-teaching activity for the subject “Socio-economic Dimensions in the Host countries”: professors from Unipa and El Manar

Professor Samir Abdelhafidh from University of El Manar and professor Mario Lavezzi from Unipa University had the occasion to... read more

Students from the first year experienced the co-teaching activity

Students from the first year of the Master’s degree in Migration Studies, an important result of Migrants Project, had... read more

Bárbara Contreras Montero from UGR shared a lesson with professors Hanene Jamoussi and Rihab Belaakhal

Over this month we had the possibility to share methodologies from the different universities involved in the project. After... read more

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