Cooperation and Migration Studies: the final event of the Migrants Project organized by Unipa in Palermo

Great participation for the final stage of the project “Migrants“, a program of Capacity Building for Higher Education funded by the European Commission through Erasmus Plus that sees the University of Palermo as lead applicant.

The initiative in Palermo had included two sessions: the Final Dissemination Event entitled “(Dis)closing the Migrants Project” which was held on July 10 inside the Botanical Garden and the Summer School “After the Last Frontiers” 11 and 12 July, always inside the Botanical Garden.

“Migrants project is the first Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building for Higher Education project led by the University of Palermo and has achieved excellent results over the last three years with hundreds of applications received and 25 students enrolled every year to the Master in Migration Studies. The project is a great success for all partners, especially for Tunisians, a huge potential on which to direct our attention”, stated professor Serena Marcenò, Scientific Coordinator of the project.

The first day had as main objective the exposure of the results of the Project to the academic communities, the shortlist of partners and associations present in the area, in the presence of the rectors Massimo Midiri (University of Palermo), Moez Chafra (Université de Tunis El Manar), Jouhaina Ghérib (Université de La Manouba) and Professor Amel Guizani, representing the Université de Tunis.

Speakers of international importance took part in the Summer School “After the Last Frontiers”, declining according to their expertise, through the lens of their field of study and research, the issue of migration.

“Migration makes us realize today that we are facing a great contradiction: migrants go in search of a better life in the West and the more this happens, the more we become aware that our lifestyle is no longer sustainable. Many humans are looking for higher and higher standards of living, this is not wrong in itself but together we must find other definitions of what is a “good life” without destroying the environment,” said Dipesh Chakrabarty, professor of history at the University of Chicago, world-renowned historian.

Together with him took part in the Summer School, other keynote speakers of international importance such as Sandro Mezzadra, Martina Tazzioli and Shahram Khosravi.
Disclosing the Migrants Project and After the Last Frontiers represented the last dissemination event and the last Summer School of the Migrants Project which still includes a week dedicated to Job Shadowing activities coordinated by CLEDU – Clinical Legal for Rights Human – during which a wide range of teachers and researchers from the partner universities will have the opportunity to get to know closely the realities working in the field of migration in Palermo.
The project, funded by the European Commission, is led by the University of Palermo and counts as partners: the Tunisian universities of El Manar, The Manouba and Tunis, the Universities of Granada and Westminster and the network of NGOs protagonists of training and job shadowing activities COSPE, CLEDU and UNIMED.


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