Support to Young Scholars

In order to support the Tunisian teaching staff in acquiring Ph.D. qualifications, the Scientific Board has selected six young researchers, two for each Tunisian Partner Universities, as candidates in PhD courses on Migration Studies.

The six Ph.D. candidates will be supported in their research activities in Tunisia and during some periods of stay in Europe in order to attend the doctoral courses in the three European partner Universities.

Increasing the number of teachers with a Ph.D. qualification will improve the Tunisian Higher Education System. Positions of full professors are rare in the Tunisian university system, especially in the humanities and social sciences, due to a lack of teachers with a Ph.D.

Such a limitation produces an institutional limit to overcome since the creation of new or the maintenance of already existing masters suffers from a scarcity in the number of full professors. This state of affairs is exacerbated by the number of retirements. The lack of assistant professors with a Ph.D. qualification, therefore, constitutes a limitation to the capabilities of the Tunisian Higher Education System in the field of Migration Studies.

  • Phd Candidates’ activities at Westminster University
  • Phd Candidates’ activities at Granada University
  • Phd Candidates’ activities at Palermo University

(Link to the Phd Candidates’ activities will be soon activated)


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