Amal Hlioui

My project is about the representations of sub-Saharan (trans)migrants in post-2011 Tunisian media discourse, as well as their self-representations in alternative media outlets as mechanisms of resistance. I also reflect on the impact of such (self)representations on the policy shifts ensuing therefrom. I explore these representations using a Critical Discourse Analysis methodology and I adopt a theoretical and conceptual eclecticism. The analysis covers the timeframe between 2012 and 2020 as two marking years in the existence of Sub-Saharans in Tunisia.


Hend ben Mansour

My research project evolves around one main axis which is the examination of the contribution of photography to the study of migration both as a site of power articulation and exposition and as a form of narrative that constructs realities and identities. I situate this research within the paradigm of visual culture namely theories developed by W. J. T. Mitchell which will work as the methodological framework of this dissertation. This framework will help me examine the manner in which photography uncovers different power dynamics related to migratory issues; and the ways migrants’ identity is constructed and maintained.

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