About Research you can also see: Support to Young Scholars, PublicationsSummer Schools.

MIGRANTS promotes an approach to capacity building of the Higher Education System, which does not separate teaching from research. As everyone knows, the quality of university teaching come from equally high-quality research activity.

Research makes teaching up-to-date, capable of addressing current issues, and giving students knowledge and skills that enable them to access the world of work with competence, critical and imaginative capability of intervention and solutions.

In University education theory and practice cannot be separated, and they have to be shared within the academic community on an international level.

MIGRANTS promotes a capacity building by improving the Tunisian Partner Universities teaching staff’s capabilities through a comprehensive program of training that will be achieved with lessons, workshops, seminars, international summer schools, participation to scientific publications, mentoring and coaching activities shared with European colleagues, job-shadowing activities carried out in cooperation with the stakeholders and supporting the Tunisian teaching staff in acquiring Ph.D. qualification.

The set objective will be reached under the Scientific Coordination Board’s guidance that will carry out the analysis of the expertise currently existing in the Tunisian Partner Universities for the identification of the academic staff to be trained and supported in research activities and Ph.D. qualification acquiring.

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