Reporting Activities

MIGRANTS pays particular attention in conducting financial monitoring on a regular basis to have a clear view of progress in using the budget. The monitoring action is closely linked to the production of all necessary supporting documents.

All partners agreed to conduct this reporting activity every nine months for a total of four times during the three years of the project. The second and fourth monitoring actions coincide with the official intermediate and final ones.

The Grant Agreement and the Partnership Agreement regulate the actions to be performed and the documentation to be produced.

All the partners have to refer to these two important agreements. In order to facilitate the common work a specific shared folder, on Google Drive, has been defined to collect digital copies of the requested documents and to insert the required information in individual working sheets.

Partners must keep the original documents but share all the info!

You can download the explanation to fill in the documents here.

A list of all the documents produced from each partner has also to be filled according to a shared excel form!

The registered partners are able to enter into the shared folder REPORTING from here.

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