Quality Evaluation Plan

The Quality Evaluation Plan is developed in compliance with the Project description and its Logical Framework Matrix. In particular, it defines qualitative instruments to assess and monitor the quality of the management, of the consortium and of all the project activities. Moreover, it defines tools to assess the quality of the communication activities and of the deliverables.

The quality control and monitoring strategy is an essential component of the project and provides inputs for improving the quality of all the phases of the project. Quality control ensures that goals and activities are effectively achieved.

The Plan describes the methodology for the evaluation of the project processes and defines the general approach to quality control, internal and external evaluation. The document is also useful for outlining the strategy for how applying the quality control mechanisms so that the operational, management and working procedures are comprehensively monitored and improved throughout the project life.

The main aspects controlled by the quality mechanism will be the following: project management; main project activities (workshops, training and teaching actions, PhD undertakings, master course, meetings, etc.), project processes and outputs (learning materials, web site, communication tools, etc.); project impacts on partners, beneficiaries, target groups and stakeholders at different levels.

The evaluation also emphasizes the observation of how transnational partners and the coordinator operate and if this cooperation is useful and constructive to the project and beneficiaries.

It is available for download here.

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