Khaoula Zitouni

My project examines contemporary narratives and counter- narratives around (North) African unauthorised migration to EU-rope by foregrounding the view from the Southern Mediterranean side. Using Critical Narrative Analysis, it particularly investigates the ways Moroccan and Algerian political and media discourses construct unauthorised migrants by focusing on the latter’s moments of immobility, displacement and so-called ‘crisis’. It also experiments with the aforementioned concepts by looking into the potential of hegemonic discourse to ‘immobilise’ and dis-place migrants at the margins of representation turning them into figures in and of ‘crisis’. Then, it confronts these framings to the (counter) narratives produced by migrants themselves like published testimonial accounts, Facebook ‘hypershort’ stories, and other forms of cultural production like migration literature to explore their potential to subvert hegemonic narratives and mobilise alternative ‘histories’ around (North) African unauthorised migration.


Monia Channoufi

The aim of this study is to map the Tunisian diaspora in London and give an account of their migration to the UK and their patterns of integration. It aims to understand whether Tunisians form a visible cultural entity in Britain and to explore the differing articulations of their sense of identity and the main determinants influencing it. By extension, this study considers the various patterns of ‘integration’ among Tunisians and across generations. Basing this study on Tunisians living in London is challenging because of the lack of quality data and the scarcity of academic research on this community. This necessitates the use of in-depth qualitative research methods in an attempt to fill some of the existing research gaps on North Africans in Britain while addressing the aims of this study.

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