Migrants project means the future for me.

This new program allows creativity, innovation, and critical thinking to come together to generate new knowledge about migration. It enriched my basic knowledge about human migration and drove my attention to the different categories of migrants. It also developed my ability to evaluate information and to be aware of biases or assumptions. I personally think it is important to study the migration phenomenon from different perspectives than the stereotypes we witness every day about it.

At first, I personally decided to join the program because it is something new in Tunisia and I noticed that we don’t have many researchers in this field. I wanted to challenge myself by trying something new and interesting. I also wanted a research masters program in English that will allow me to enter the field of research as I expect to do a PhD in the future.

I expect an international career and endless field experience with migrants. I hope this project will allow me to do my PhD abroad and work with migrants.

I personally consider the Theories and Concepts session with Professor Samira Mechri and co-teacher professor Nieves Ortega Perez about Gender and Migration as a remarkable experience in the project. I liked the interactive discussion and the analysis of the article Gender and Migration: An Integrative Approach by Dr. Nana Oishi. I also appreciated my colleagues’ presentation about the article and how they explained the mechanism of international female migration from different approaches.

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