“For me Migrants Project is a great initiative that will enable us to study this phenomenon and to be equipped with tools and knowledge to establish new policies and to help people in need especially that migration is the issue of the century with all what has been happening in the world”.
She uses these words to say what migration means to her: “First of all, being a Tunisian student made me want to know more about this field as Tunisia is in the heart of migration. Furthermore, migration is the topic of the century and the phenomenon is becoming more and more one of the main issues that the world is facing. Currently, I am part of the international organization of economic and commerce students (AIESEC) which is a non-governmental organization entirely run by youth for youth that strives to achieve peace and fulfill human kind’s potential through exchange programs. Being part of this and providing people with exchange programs where they live cross-cultural experiences and diversity made me realize how exchange boosts migration and sparked my interest in it”.
Between the remarkable experiences in her life, Chayma shared these words with us:
“This is my first year at the higher institute of human sciences. I was afraid and anxious about how I am going to integrate in a new university with new people that I don’t know. Yet, this turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me this year. My classmates were so kind and so supportive that we easily bounded and became like a family. I want to use this post as an appreciation post for them and say thank you for always being by my side, showing support and helping me. I will always cherish our friendship. I love you so much”.

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