Co-teaching activity for the subject “Socio-economic Dimensions in the Host countries”: professors from Unipa and El Manar

Professor Samir Abdelhafidh from University of El Manar and professor Mario Lavezzi from Unipa University had the occasion to share ideas and methodologies, enriching students’ careers with their sharing.

During the lesson of the subject “Socio-economic Dimensions in the Host countries”, students had the occasion to deepen their knowledge about economy from different points of view, as Emna Guerbaa, one of the students, said: “Professor Mario gave a very interesting course, a peculiar way to perceive the economy from different perspectives”.

According to one of the students from the second year, Nathanael Koffi, the lesson was very enriching because they learned about irregular migration and crime related to immigration in the European context, especially Italy. It was very contributive and it opened his mind on the necessity to deepen research on this case.

“Mr Lavezzi, has very insightful sessions. I learned a lot from his lectures, especially when he explained that although data regarding mafia or any illegal phenomenon won’t be available this easy, we should not stop searching, and that does not mean we cannot afford it. We should simply work harder”, stated the student Amina Semaoui.

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