Coaching and mentoring during Social Psychological Approaches to Migrants and Societies class

The Joint Master Degree in “Migration Studies: Governance, Policies and Cultures” between the three Tunisian Partner Universities: Tunis El Manar University, El Manouba University, Tunis University is MIGRANTS Projects’ main objective. A very interesting aspect of the master is the possibility to experience different teaching methods thanks to the co-teaching activity. Students from the second year attended a class about Social Psychological Approaches to Migrants and Societies with Prof. Soumaya Belhaj from University of Tunis El Manar and Prof. Emilio Sánchez Santa-Bárbara from Universidad de Granada where he teaches social psychology.

For Emna Guerbaa, professor Sanchez is very engaging, interactive. He offered them a very thorough investigation of attachment styles.
“With Professor Emilio Sanchez, we learned about attachment theory. This theory helps us to understand the importance of personality related to decision-making when it comes to migration. With some concrete examples, he explained how some people are more attached to their relatives or environment, and others are not”, said Nathanael Koffi.

Another student, Amina Semaoui, shared these words about the class: “I want to congratulate Mr Emilio about the approach he used in class in order to explain the attachment styles. He was taking examples from reality all over the sessions to make us understand complexities. At the end, he made us try the kahoot which is an online quiz platform. We were competing with each other in order to win the test, we laughed a lot while trying to choose our totem”.

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