📍“I decided to participate to this program – Fatma says – because I am a dynamic person and I would love to get involved in research around the topic of Migration, in the hope of contributing to the academic effort to handle this global human phenomenon. I also aim to deal with migrants, communicate with them and help them through appropriate care structures”.
She uses these words to say what migration means to her: “Migration is one of the main issues that has always drew my attention for its tight connection with our reality and its deep social and political impact on the world scale. It raises awareness about the struggle and challenges faced by migrants. Migration also shapes People’s identity and culture. Therefore, this project is a great opportunity to study such a phenomenon thoroughly”.
▶️Between the remarkable experiences in her life, Fatma shared these words with us:
“I have always been interested in social and voluntary activities. I am a volunteer in the Tunisian Red Crescent, and I had the opportunity to participate in different events that were meant to help vulnerable people, like charity work and collecting donations in my hometown. I also have Middle Eastern friends who are struggling to migrate, so I know to what extent they’re struggling to get the legal migration documents. I also have friends who migrated in search of a better opportunity for studies, but they are struggling with the problems of social integration and cultural adaptation. Actually, I have more than one reason to choose Migrants Project. My goal is to be helpful and to contribute to humanitarian work”.

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