ikram stories
“Migrant Project is a thrilling and exciting journey and the first step into an area that I have wanted to delve into for a long.
For almost two years, I worked with people affected by conflicts in the Middle East (IDP, DP, and refugees) as an English tutor, Student coordinator, and Workshop Coordinator with an NGO called Paper Airplanes. The close communication with my students has been a first-hand introduction to migration and its social and political impact. Their stories touched me and opened my eyes to new universal issues. And that was my drive to do my MA in either Migration Studies, IR, or Middle Eastern Studies to educate myself more and become an active change and policymaker.
In the future, I expect courses on conflict resolution, policymaking, negotiation, the role of NGOs, job shadowing and work on the field, and data analysis using computer software, mandatory internships, or field projects, etc”.

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