inoubli - stories
“Taking the decision to be part of this project was one of my greatest achievements. As an activist in The Tunisian Red Crescent, refugees were one of our main targets since they are vlunerable and in constant need for protection. Consequently, I have always wandered about their situation and the needed measures to provide them with appropriate help and support. In this respect, being part of Migrants Project has matched my growing desire to make a tangible difference starting from myself. It had changed me radically and reminded me of the human facet of migration”.
📣She uses these words to say what migration means to her: “Migration is a polymorphic phenomenon that shaped and determined the structure of societies all over the world since the very existence of human history. Therefore being part of Migrants Project represents an excellent opportunity to have an insight into the amazing journeys, experiences ,and records of integration of civilizations, communities, and individuals throughout history”.
📍Between the remarkable experiences in her life, Inoubli shared these words with us:” One of the remarkable lessons that I learnt was understanding the different theories and concepts that lay behind the emergence of migration. It provided me with the needed motivation for further comprehending today’s challenges in terms of inefficiency and circumscribed functionality of the contemporary applied migration policies”.

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