Interviews about Job Shadowing in Granada: voices of the participants

Remember our Job Shadowing activity in Granada? We reached out one of the participants and we asked what it meant to be part of the experience. Here is what Professor Faiza Derbel from University of Manouba thinks about the opportunity.

“This was my first chance of visiting NGOs and having the possibility to directly know about their work on the field.
The most interesting part of the job shadowing done with the association PRODIVERSA was the human library, through which people being part of the organisation’s network told us about their experience with this association. Through this activity, I had the possibility of listening to the personal stories of women and men that had experienced different forms of discrimination, exclusion, and human rights violations as well as to know about how the contact and collaboration with PRODIVERSA changed their lives.
As a professor, thanks to the job shadowing, I had the opportunity to analyse migration from a different and more practical perspective, thus further increasing my competences on this topic. Moreover, I acquired a better understanding of how NGOs develop and implement their projects”.

The activity was extremely important for many of the participants, here is what another professor, Rached Khalifa, from University of El Manar, said about the experience.
“The job shadowing activity was extremely beneficial to me. Indeed, as a professor I know migration and its related issues mainly from a theoretical point of view, especially through literature and art. But by knowing from within what NGOs do for helping migrants and people in vulnerable situations, I had the opportunity to see the more practical side of what I teach to my students, thus increasing my skills by combining theory and practice. In particular, by listening to the testimonies of migrants and refugees living in Spain and collaborating with PRODIVERSA, I could know more about the difficult migratory journey they went thorough as well as their different vulnerable situations once in Spain. Concerning the job shadowing day with Agrupación para el Desarrollo en Norte ADN, I am glad I had the possibility to closely observe how they implement their activities for supporting and helping vulnerable communities. I loved the way ADN staff talked about their commitment as well as the multicultural, empathic, and convivial atmosphere I found myself in. This was my first experience of job shadowing, and it was a success!”.

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