New co-teaching sessions at the University of Tunis

The first co-teaching session involved the students of the “Climate and Migration” course of the Université de Tunis who explored the challenges of linking climate change and migration.
Environmental migrants, climate migrants, environmental refugees, environmental internally displaced people: what is the most appropriate definition between? Can legal protection be obtained for people fleeing environmental disasters? How do international environmental law and international human rights law intersect? These were only a few of the many questions that were addressed during the co-teaching activity that were held in Tunis this week by Giulia Sajeva and Martina Sardo from Università degli Studi di Palermo.

On April 13th, professor Valeria Cammarata from Università degli Studi di Palermo co-teached a three hours lesson with Professor Amel Guizzani about “Witnessing and self-representation in migration”. The issues (what is representation, what do we intend for “framing” and “visual framing”, what is the difference between witnessing and self-representation, how do we represent migrants and how do they represent themselves) have been discussed both from the point of view of Discourse Analysis, the topic taught by Prof. Guizzani, and the point of view of Prof. Cammarata, that of Visual Culture.

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